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It’s fucking sickening how much hate 4L is getting for doing a sexy and lesbian concept on their mv. Like they’re literally being called trashy, lesbians, a shame to kpop, sluts, attention seekers, and what not. And how fucking surprising! It’s all coming from girls. But oh, if it were oppa doing all those moves and doing a gay concept like omo wouldn’t it be so fucking hot!!1! smfh at the kpop fandom like ya’ll should go back to your mom’s womb and mature a little….


Idk but can someone tell me this does not resemble a scene in the infamous fic I’m pretty sure someone will soon break out into my name is kim jongin I’m the writer who lives next door see you tomorrow hyung


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Swear to god, some guys are terrified that girls are faking common interests to impress them and act really hostile towards anyone they even SUSPECT of doing such a thing

but then they turn around and fake a whole friendship in the hopes of getting sex out of girls, and get mad at them when it doesn’t work

and they super do not see the irony in that

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